Eco-friendly build

Tucker House was designed and built by Arkit Constructions of Melbourne. The house is clad with Equitone in a unique chevron design, using a custom wall panel system. The building materials and construction techniques used in Tucker House were based on embodied carbon and life cycle analysis properties with low-to-zero levels of volatile organic compounds to ensure good quality internal air environment. Internal finishes include 95% recycled composite board.

Passive design features include abundant cross flow ventilation, heavily insulated floors, walls and ceilings. Australian-made double-glazed doors and windows employ innovative thermal break technology for maximum energy performance.

The slow combustion QuadraFire wood heater offers the best combination of heat and burn time for each load of wood at the optimum efficiency, with low particulate emissions of 2.0g/Kg.

Water and landscaping

There is no town water in Wye River, so we are wholly dependent on rainfall stored in our two rainwater tanks. Guests are asked to be vigilant with water usage. The tap water is OK for consumption, but a water filter is also provided.

The onsite sewerage management system efficiently converts all household wastewater into safe, clean and odourless water disposed of via a subterranean dispersal system in the surrounding terracing, supplying water and nutrients to the plants.

The landscaping surrounding Tucker House contains species indigenous to the Otway Ranges, including flowering plants to help nourish the local bee colony in Separation Creek.

Environment responsibility

We love the Australian bush and our local environment, here in the Otways as well as everywhere else on the planet. So we always strive to use products that are environmentally safe, sustainably produced and ethically sourced.

Our green products include:

  • Dindi Naturals soaps: contain no toxic or synthetic chemicals. All ingredients are fair trade and sustainably sourced.
  • Who Gives A Crap toilet paper and tissues: made from 100% recycled paper. And they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need.
  • Earth Choice cleaning products: made with plant based ingredients, in 100% recycled & recyclable plastic. And they’re kind to our septic system.
  • Maze biodegradable bin liners: constructed from a starch based polymer, they begin to decompose within weeks of being added to the rubbish tip.
  • Firewood and garden mulch sourced exclusively from dead or dangerous trees harvested locally.